A first look at the spiritual successor to Far Cry - one of finest PC FPSs of all time

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And what about the weapons? "We have the usual array of weapons such as the shotgun and sniper rifle," answers Yerli, with the ghost of Far Cry past twinkling in his eye. "But then each of the weapon classes has modules for upgrades so you can, say, attach a sniper scope to a shotgun which I wouldn't recommend! But basically, it's up to you what you do with your weaponry."

Upgrading your abilities and weaponry won't be a complex manoeuvre either, with a streamlined interface allowing all sorts of customisation at the click of a button. Your suit's upgrades take some cues from the RPG genre in that your character's skills will improve as the game goes on. "The suit looks unique and it adds a completely new functionality to the shooter," states Yerli, somewhat excitedly. "Because it's real-time, you can change it any time you want. During combat you can just go behind a tree, top up your armour, then go back into battle.


"Then when you're done, you can
increase your speed and run like hell to take cover again. Plus we will have hotkeys
or presets for play modes - and that's something I think is totally new to the FPS genre. It's actually a very simple idea, but very powerful - it will make a real difference to how Crysis is played."

Vehicles, which include hovercrafts, jeeps, APCs and flyable helicopters this time around, will be far more integral to the multiplayer as well. Crytek is paying much more attention to deathmatch this time than it did with Far Cry, with the suit playing a major role in maps that'll cater for 32 players with ease.

So there you have it. Crytek really came out of the blue with Far Cry in 2004, shocking and impressing all and sundry with a fantastic game from an entirely unknown developer - and we've no reason to doubt that it can't do it again. Crysis has a fantastic next-gen engine, a huge environment, amazing AI and an innovative upgradeable suit and weapon system - this from a collaboration of talented people from 20 different nations with no less than five awards since releasing their debut title. Like they say, in every crisis there's an opportunity - and that's probably the case even when it's spelt with a 'y'.

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