Auto Assault movie roars into view

NCsoft and NetDevil's post-apocolyptic drive-and-destruct MMORPG roars onto the 'net with a brand new hi-octane trailer

If you find the current crop of beardy, fantasy-focussed MMORPG's about as tantilising as an bikini-clad ogre with a Brazillian, then NCsoft's forthcoming Auto Assault might be just the ticket to get your pulse racing for some massively multiplayer online gaming.

You see, in a refreshing twist from the norm - well, more of a spine-shattering wrench than a twist - Auto Assault does away with sub-Lord of the Rings fantasy fodder, replacing it with hi-octane post-apocolyptic carnage - all wrapped up in a pretty driving bow. In fact, it's all about the racing, with some of the meanest, meatiest vehicles ever to grace the world of videogames at your fingertips - all fully customisable and ready to shred rubber and rend mental in increasingly explosive ways.

For a look at Auto Assault's impressive customisation features and general balls-out destruction, take a gander at the brand new trailer on this page. We're looking forward to giving NCsoft and NetDevil's creation a test drive when it hits the road this spring.