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Once, twice, three times a Prey-dy

Human Head's PC and Xbox 360 FPS blasts in with three new trailers - two single-player and one multiplayer

We've fallen on our knees before Prey, we've sniffed out Prey, and we've very nearly Prey-d before we made it today (that last one actually ended up on the cutting room floor) - in fact, we've conjured so many puns on the title for Human Head's FPS that we now have a doctor in-house who sews up our sides every time they split in laughter at our own comedy genius. Well, we call it comedy genius anyway, but you no doubt have a few choice descriptive words of your own - best keep them a secret though, eh?

Anyway, moving swiftly on... We've kept a close eye on Prey since it re-emerged from the bowels of videogame development and plopped back into the public consciousness around April last year. We have to say too, we're expecting the final product to deliver great things - especially considering we walked away from our recent hands-on experience pretty damned impressed and happy to excitedly babble about the first-person shooter to anyone in the office willing to lend an ear.

Prey is due spring/summer, with publisher 2K Games planning to release both versions simultaneously. Oh, and we almost forgot - the reason we're here is three new in-game movies that have wiggled into our laps and subsequently jumped up onto the site. Two of the movies show snippets of Prey single-player, while the third provides a sneak-peek of gravity-flipping multiplayer craziness.