Mother 3 screens are Earthbound

The 10-year wait is almost over for Nintendo's RPG sequel - first ever GBA screenshots inside

Earthbound fans, prepare to be amazed; choose your favourite internet acronym and shout it out the nearest window as loud as you can, because we finally have the first ever screenshots of the long awaited Nintendo RPG, Mother 3.

The latest instalment in the fabled Mother series (Earthbound to the West) is finally heading to the Game Boy Advance after the botched N64 attempt was cancelled in 2000. Although Mother 3 now sports top-down 2D gameplay similar to previous Mother games, it is said to share characters and plot-points from the ill-fated N64 version.

The series is yet to make its way over to our shores, but given Earthbound's massive cult following in Europe we'd bet our lunch money on a Western release for this stellar GBA sequel. After all, previously Japan-only RPG Fire Emblem made the trip to Europe in 2004 - so why not Earthbound?

Mother 3 hits Japan on April 20.