Sniffing around FCI Predator - new screens

Jack Carver's going next-gen, and we've got the screenshots to prove it. Check 'em out inside

Far Cry Instincts fans are being served up a rare treat next month, with Ubisoft not only releasing full sequel FCI Evolution on Xbox but FCI Predator on Xbox 360 too. Predator is pretty much a next-gen compilation featuring the original Xbox Far Cry Instincts title and follow-up Evolution, both games obviously spruced up thanks to the superior hardware pumping out the polygons. New Predator screenshots crept up on us today and said "BOO!", so here they are for your perusal.

Not too many moons ago we sneaked up on Ubisoft senior producer Betrand Helias and probed him on the company's FCI Predator and Far Cry Instincts Evolution. Read what he had to say if you want to know more about Jack Carver's return to jungle warfare.