DS Lite ad asks "Do you have any rock CDs?"

Poised and primed for a March 2 Japanese launch, Nintendo preps its PR cannons for the DS Lite - bonkers TV ad inside

Just in case you hadn't noticed: the Japanese, they really love their DS. With now over one squillion of the little blighters sold in the territory alone, and with (possibly made-up) reports of actual stampedes, granny beatings and general mayhem surrounding the handheld's debilitating retail shortages, it's no surprise that Nintendo feels that now is the time to launch its sleek new DS redesign on the clamouring Eastern masses. Well, now as in March 2, but that's hardly the point.

What is the point though, is that in the run up to the DS Lite's release, Japanese airwaves are already awash with Nintendo's new commercial, pimping the diddy new handheld straight into the heads of the impressionable and impassioned. Featuring more coy lifestyle chic than you could feasibly shake a copy of What Faucet? at, the advert's a thirty second brain stomp of rampaging squiggles, confusing references to all manner of game-related DS uses and "zany" music, clearly designed to beat nay-sayers into quivering submission.

In fact, it's done its job so well, we've already placed an order for seven hundred and fifty three units, which we're planning on strapping together, dumping into the ocean and boarding to sail off into a joyous, Nintendo-hued sunset. Come join us by watching the frankly hypnotic ad we've plonked on this page, for want of something better to do.