Mark Rein: Unreality bites

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Then - and I know it's not too popular to say this - but creating great graphics, really really stunning environments which just pull the user right in and make them think 'Wow I really am on this planet' or 'I am really am in this building' or 'I'm really riding this wave'. There's always the twin goals of making games more fun and making games more beautiful - maybe 'immsersive' is a better word than beautiful. Those challenges will continue indefinitely for more exciting experiences.

We couldn't let you go without mentioning Unreal Engine 4 - which was one of our biggest stories last year when we broke it at Leipzig. Anything more you can say at the moment?

Mark Rein: Not again! Oh my god what a mistake! It's just a research project, you know it's aimed at the next next generation, there's still one guy still working on it. The answer is 'yup Tim is still doing his research', he's still the only one on it. We don't see that being staffed up for a couple more years, there's nothing really there. It's not Unreal Engine 4, yet, but one day it will be! We're doing research that one day will be the cornerstone of Unreal Engine 4.

So what's next for Epic in the next year or so?

Mark Rein: Well, shipping these games would be a good start. We are so focussed on our games and our technology that that's what's next. Continuing to execute and get better and better, deliver better support for our licensee customers. We're doing a seminar this year at GDC for our licensees. We try to do one a year depending on where we are in development and that's always good. Then GDC, E3, then the Tokyo Games Show, a whole schedule of shows as we bring the games to the marketplace - we've got lots to do!

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