Winning XI DS kicks off with first screens

First ever screenshots of the Japanese PES DS curl into the top corner like a Beckham free kick

You'll know by now how slavishly addicted we are to Pro Evo Soccer, rating it the finest footy game to ever grace a PC or console. Entire lunchtimes, days and even weekends have been sacrificed on the altar of PES as we strive to give it the full 110 percent.

The recent announcement of PES - or Winning Eleven as its known over in the East - for the Nintendo DS has had us all a flutter like the rabid footy addicts we are, as we speculated wildly on how PES might look on the dual-screen device. Even more importantly though, how it might use the handheld's innovative touch screen controls to further our footy future.


We still can't quite tell you that latter component, but we can provide you with a glimpse of what Winning Eleven DS will look actually look like, with first-ever shots emerging following Nintendo's recent DS Lite presentation. Even though they're rather small, you can see the play area's already looking great and it seems the lower screen will be reserved for cunning tactical changes.

No further details for the moment, other than the fact it will use Nintendo's Wi-fi Connection service for some splendid online antics. Still that should more than whet your appetites for the DS footy delights to come. More PES DS kicking off - we hope - soon!