Digital Extremes on the Warpath

New movie and details on the PC and Xbox shooter from the chaps behind Pariah...

Digital Extremes, which has been heavily involved with the Unreal stable of titles and was responsible for the recent-ish Pariah, is beavering away on a new project called Warpath.

Warpath's in development for PC and Xbox and, powered by Unreal technology, is described as a "fast-paced FPS". According to the story/setting for the game, three distinct races boasting unique firepower have converged on a planet called Kaladi in the outermost reaches of the galaxy and are battling to secure territory. The military hardware consists of eight weapons and four land-based vehicles, and beefing up the guns is an unlock feature that improves weapon functionality and destructive power - presumably each faction has access to different unlocks, that'd be the "unique" element then.


Essentially, it's a multiplayer-focussed game, supporting two to 16 players in online and LAN confrontations between the three factions and sporting 25 multiplayer levels and four play modes - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Frontline Assault. However, a single-player mode is included - think boot camp for the online/LAN stuff - which features bots and finds you fighting for control of different territories.

Warpath has so far only been confirmed for North America, where it'll be published by Groove Games this spring - costing a wallet-friendly $19.99 on PC and $29.99 on Xbox. That movie should give you a bit of hint on the Warpath delights to come.