Dead Rising media lumbers into view

New shots and a very messy video from Capcom's Xbox 360 zombie-fest Dead Rising shamble in for the sampling

WATCH! In amazement! RECOIL! In horror! LAUGH! At the funny zombies with traffic cones on their heads! CRINGE! At death by cactus! And so much more with this rather fantastic new blob of media from Capcom's forthcoming Romero-inspired zombie epic Dead Rising for Xbox 360.

Dead Rising sees photojournalist Frank West following a lead to a local shopping mall where reports suggest a tide of undead zombies has been sighted. It's up to you to fight through the groaning masses in a bid to uncover the truth behind the mysterious zombie outbreak - all before your helicopter ride out of the hell hole arrives in seventy-two hours time.


Utilising the mighty processing power of Microsoft's next-gen machine, Dead Rising sports literally hundreds of on-screen enemies at a time, meaning you'll never be far away from a potential brain-munching. Thankfully, the game contains tons of objects which can be brandished as weapons - ranging from the sharp and nasty to the ridiculous - while you hunt for the truth.

You'll see a whole range of weapons in action in the video we've got for you, including hedge trimmers and garden umbrella, but be warned - it's not for the squeamish. If you think your delicate disposition can handle it, check out the link above.