Pirates screens hove into view

X most certainly marks the spot in these new Pirates of the Caribbean Screens as we do a dance on a dead man's chest

"Ahaaaar, shiver me barnacles and save us a lick o' the cat" - it's colourful piratical affectation morning this morning on CVG, as screenshots from PSP romp Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest hove into view to blast us with a broadside.

We have to say we enjoyed the first film immensely - and big props to Johnny Depp for the compelling captain Jack Sparrow and a pretty damn good attempt at a rollicking English accent, even if it was modelled on Keith Richards. You have to say, for a movie based on a theme park ride, Pirates basically ticked all the right piratical boxes.


Well, it probably won't have escaped your attention that a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, subtitled Dead Man's Chest, is due to hit this summer - reuniting the original cast of Depp, Orlando Bloom and the sumptuous Kiera Knightley. The PSP version of the game is due to launch alongside and, as is the wont these days, intersect with Jerry Bruckheimer's big screen offering, featuring digital versions of the movie's locations, a chance to play as all three characters and expanding and expounding on the whole Pirates universe.

Of course, if it in any way manages to encompass some of the yo ho ho antics and piratical ambience of Sid Meier's Pirates! along the way it'll be an absolute belter. Anyway, enjoy the screens for the moment - we're off to have a dance on a dead man's chest.