The Mother of all screenshots

More screenshots of Nintendo's stellar RPG sequel Mother 3 magic themselves our way

It wasn't too long ago that we would've been happy with a single glimpse at Mother 3, and now all of a sudden we have a whole collection of screenshots with which to nurture our affection.

For those less knowledgable about the world of Nintendo, Mother 3 is a long awaited instalment in Nintendo's cult RPG series, which is better known in the west as Earthbound. The series never made it over to British shores, but its massive cult following amongst hardcore Nintendo fans should make a Mother 3 European release likely.

A glimpse at these new shots shows that fans of the previous Mother games will feel right at home with the new GBA instalment. The keen-eyed amongst you will also notice that the game features characters from the ill-fated N64 Mother, which was cancelled in 2000. Also unveiled today on the game's official website is a LE Mother 3 Gameboy Micro, which those lucky gits in Japan can pre-order alongside a copy of the game and collectors coin. Lucky them.


Mother 3 lands in Japan on April 20.