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TV watchdog sniffs out CoD2 ads

Advertising Standards Authority bans "misleading" Call of Duty 2 ads from British television after viewer complaints

We'll be honest; the Call of Duty 2 ads running on TV are a bit cheeky. They depict an explosive WWII action scene from the viewpoint of your typical first-person shooter, except the TV commercial is actually using pre-rendered CGI graphics of a far superior standard to those in the actual game.

Three angry viewers felt the need to stand up and condemn the naughty adverts, resulting in The Advertising Standards Authority banning the Call of Duty 2 ad, explaining that viewers felt the adverts were "misleading because the quality of the graphics in the ad were superior to that of the game itself."

In their adjudication report, ASA's noted that "the ads did not include any indication that the images shown did not reflect the quality of graphics of the games." The report goes on to state that "while the scenes used communicated the themes of the game, they were not accurate representations of the graphics in the games themselves. We consider that this was misleading."