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Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

Crap fighting mars an otherwise enjoyable spray and 'splore gang-banger

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Things pick up a bit with the occasional boss fight, inasmuch as they bother to vary their attacks with special wrestling moves and the like, so you have to actually work out the pattern to defeat them. But you'll still want to blitz through them and move onto the good stuff again, so we advise you make use of the admittedly nifty weapons that you can find lying around. Wooden planks, dustbin lids, basketballs and other everyday objects can come in very handy indeed.

Back to the cool stuff then, where the game encourages you to kick back and enjoy exploring the city, either to just mess around with graffiti or find hidden music tracks. Yes, there's an actual iPod at the menu screen that adds songs as you discover them, making up an eclectic mix of rap, hip-hop and guitar bands. There are time-based bonus graffiti missions too, and you can also build up a 'black book' of designs from real graffiti artists who contributed to the game, thus increasing the amount of tags and styles available to Trane. All in all, there are plenty of things to do outside of the main mission structure.


We're sure the game's subject matter and mix of genres won't appeal to everyone. It definitely feels strange going from monkeying around up a lamp-post, to twatting a gang member with a paint pot, to hanging on the side of a train carriage so you can daub on it, straight after each other. It's this very quirkiness and unpredictability that makes Marc Ecko's Getting Up what it is - not like any game you've played before.

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The verdict

A unique three-pronged experience that falls short in one area. Recommended, even if you're bored of 'urban' games.

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