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Free Live on April 1? We're fooling

Don't put your credit cards away just yet - Xbox Live free weekend is further away than we thought

Last week we spotted an interesting entry on the official Xbox Live calendar, penning a free Xbox Live weekend for Silver members on April 1. Unfortunately, it looks like Microsoft was playing an early April Fool, as they've hastily pulled the entry from the official Live calendar.

According to Gamerscore Blog (an unofficial internet blog penned by Microsoft employees), a free Live weekend is indeed in the works, but the initial date posted on was incorrect. "The team pulled it down, because the dates were tentative," reads the blog. "Details of the promotion still haven't been finalized. We'll share [them] as soon as we can."


It looks like Silver subscribers will have to wait a little longer for their Xbox Live free-loading weekend then, which will give them full access to online play for a whole 72 hours. As always we'll have our ears to the ground for more Live weekend news.