Battlefield 2 360 movies move out

EA wages war on your eyeballs with a whole army of new screens and a movie to make you dribble into your boots

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Xbox 360-style, opens up with both barrels on March 31. So, not too long until you can crawl into your local games emporium then run away excitedly, brandishing a copy of the title's next-gen incarnation. Until that momentous event though, EA is wielding its hefty Tome of Media and repeatedly whacking our eyeballs with new screenshots and footage from BF2 on 360. Hurrah!

Just in case you've recently returned from snowy climes, happened upon while digging around among the fur coats in the back of an old and dusty wardrobe, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a shooter of modern-day warfare proportions that features vehicular and on-foot combat all wrapped up in a hefty dose of online blasting.