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Lara wants Amanda hug and kiss

New Tomb Raider: Legend adversary for Lara unveiled - why can't we all just get along, eh? Pics and movies inside

It's a hard life being a world-renowned, archeological jet-setting superstar - not only does Lara have to contend with simply astronomical bills for stockings and other assorted legging-wear, thanks to all that rough-and-tumble, she's also got to fend off the bitter rivalry of one-time friend and now full-time nemesis Amanda Evert.

Newly unveiled by Eidos, it seems that Miss Evert was an archeology student alongside Lara in her youth, with a fascination for the mystical. Apparently, Amanda "believed wholeheartedly that the common notion of reality is nothing but a thin, drab layer pulled over the infinite truth of the soul" - coincidentally enough, very much exactly what we think every time we have a kebab.


What's more though, "She had a pet theory that fragments of a single, long forgotten mystical belief system exist within the rites and rituals of shamanism, witchcraft and many religions. Her dream was to rediscover this supreme knowledge from the past and teach it to people so they could gain spiritual enlightenment."

To cut a long story short, all this dalliance with the mystical saw Amanda apparently reaching a sticky end, drowning as she and Lara tried to escape a tomb during a doomed expedition to a site believed to have been the resting place of the last queen of Tiwanaku. Quite how this fits into the storyline of upcoming Tomb Raider: Legend, we don't know. However, we're willing to bet that Amanda Evert didn't swim with the fishes at all, instead developing some long-standing grudge against our posh tomb-raiding heroine Lara.

Right or wrong though, Eidos has dumped a whole slew of new screens and a movie featuring Miss Evert into our cupped hands and you can enjoy them right here. As an added bonus, the company has also revealed that avid gamers will be able to play through Legend with Lara's nemesis (or the model of at least) once the game has been completed. Smashing.