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Hitman kills Xmas in new movie

Santa slayed! A fresh Hollywood style promo for Agent 47's newest offering, and very saucy it's looking too

"The name Agent 47 is just a whisper on the lips of the dead". Thus intones the sonorous Hollywood-style voice over at the beginning of the latest Hitman: Blood Money movie, which has just hit us like a bullet between the eyes.

"Anyone got a Nurofen? This doesn't half sting", is our immediate reaction, but actually the latest movie from Agent 47's adventures is looking very good indeed, with a 30-second build up and then lashings of actual gameplay action from Eidos' eagerly anticipated assassin romp.

Agent 47 certainly seems to be moving with a spring in his step too, displaying Lara Croft-like agility as he swings and cavorts across the back streets before indulging in all the usual adopting of disguises, disposing of bodies and killing people in a variety of cruel and unusual ways.

If you look closely there's even a brutal Santa slaying for connoisseurs of the assassin's art - hurrah!

Hitman: Blood Money is due out this spring on Xbox, PS2 and PC, so not long to wait.