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Polarium Advance flips off Europe

Othello-ey DS puzzler gets a GameBoy Advance sequel makeover and its coming to Europe this April

When the DS hit these shores last spring, one of our favourite launch titles for the handheld was falling-block puzzler Polarium. While the main game - involving sweeping the stylus across black and white tiles in order to flip them, forming horizontal lines of the same colour - provided a modicum of distraction, the real meat was in the game's puzzle mode.

It seems Nintendo realised where the money is too, as its Polarium follow-up sees the falling-block game entirely ditched in favour of the brain-flexing puzzle mode. Also seeing a shift from the DS to the GBA, Polarium Advance - as it's known - is set to hit European stores on April 14.

Split into three distinct sections, Stage Mode features 365 different puzzles, in which you're tasked with clearing each screen by weaving a continuous line around a grid of black and white squares. The aim's to find the line that flips tiles to form matching horizontal lines, thus clearing the grid of squares. It's possible to activate the Daily Polarium setting, which divvies up the puzzles - serving a new one up every single day. Of course, if you prefer, you can just rattle through the entire lot at your leisure. Once you've completed a puzzle, they're added to the Polarium Reference page and you'll be able to access them on a whim from then on.

It seems it's not just about the black and white tiles this time around though. Nintendo's revealed that Polarium Advance features Solid Tiles, fixed in place until cleared, Hurdle Tiles, acting as obstacles and Joker Tiles which can become either black or white, depending on your needs.

Alongside Stage Mode, Polarium Advance also features a Time Attack Mode in two distinct flavours - although clearly the goal of each is to clear puzzle as quickly as possible. Easy 10 mode presents you with ten basic puzzles to whizz through while Hard 5 - somewhat predictably - chucks up five fiendish diversions for your amusement. To facilitate your bragging rights, there's also a Ranking section to wave under friends' and bystanders' noses.

Finally, there's an Edit Mode specifically designed for the purpose of creating your very own tile-flipping enigmas. What's more, owners of the DS original can transfer their previous creations to the GBA through the use of a simple password systems.

Polarium Advance is coming to the GBA on April 14, just like it was in the second paragraph.