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Rogue Trooper hunted down

Rebellion's latest 2000 AD-based videogame marches into view in a heap of new screenshots

We've actually only snatched brief glimpses of Eidos' Rogue Trooper to date, but our spies inform us that the third-person sci-fi action game is shaping up fine. Well, as fans of the 2000 AD comic strip on which the game is based, we'd very much like to hope that's the case. A salvo of new screenshots revealing Rogue Trooper in action has been fired our way this morning.

Rogue Trooper is being developed by UK dev outfit Rebellion for PS2, Xbox and PC and should be with us this April. In the game, cloned Genetic Infantryman Rogue Trooper is fuelled by the fury of vengeance and determined to hunt down a traitor general who betrayed Rogue's combat buddies to their deaths.