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Micro Machines v4 official unveiled

Codemasters finally unveils the latest incarnation of the miniature racer, courtesy of the guys at Supersonic Software - screens inside

Micro Machines has rightly earned itself a place in the annals of videogame history with its addictive mix of very tiny vehicles and boisterous multiplayer shenanigans. Now, Codemasters has finally officially unveiled the latest iteration of the long-running series in the guise of Micro Machines v4.

Sheduled to hit PS2, PSP, PC and DS this summer, Micro Machines v4 is being developed by Mashed and Mashed: Fully Loaded coders, Supersonic Software. Codemasters is promising the usual massive roster of dinky vehicles rushing around real-life environments, inlcuding the breakfast table, pool table or rapidly over-filling bathtub.

While we await further news, why not check out these first shots from the DS, PSP and PS2 versions of the game. Expect more details as that summer release draws ever closer.