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New footage treads the WarPath

Ohm, Kovos and Human factions in Digital Extremes' forthcoming shooter detailed in trailer

Groove Games deemed it fit in February to blow the beans off WarPath, a new sci-fi shooter from the chaps at Digital Extremes. In development for PC and Xbox and powered by good old Unreal technology, it's essentially a multiplayer-focussed game with infantry and vehicular combat occurring on a planet witnessing conflict between three unique factions. A new trailer released offers insight into these three warring sides.

WarPath supports two to 16 players in online and LAN confrontations between the three factions. It features 25 multiplayer levels and four modes of play - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Frontline Assault - and in addition, there's a single-player mode with bots that acts as a training ground for the multiplayer action. So far the game has only been announced for North America, where it'll release this month.

Anyone who fancies having a dabble with WarPath should be able to download a multiplayer demo by visiting the game's official website (go to the site, click on the 'News' link and the rest should be obvious).