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God of War 2 confirmed

Kratos grabs his twin blades and returns for more hack and slash action in Divine Retribution

We broke first details of Kratos' dual next adventures on PS3 and PS2 last month, but the action sequel has finally been officially confirmed for PS2 and given a subtitle in the pages of US Mag Game Informer.

While we're still waiting further news on the next-gen colossus which was divulged by our own ultra-secret source, the new PS2 God of War, subtitled 'Divine Retribution' is nevertheless looking fantastic in its current-gen incarnation. At the moment we have little more than a subtitle for the God of War sequel, but current viewings and the internet scans doing the rounds promise more of the wonderfully-violent action that made the first game so great.

The announcement of the new God of War further strengthens Sony's stance for continued PlayStation 2 support well past the PS3's arrival. The original PlayStation's lifespan stretched more than six years; but with titles like God of War 2 debuting, the PS2 could well smash its sibling's record.

More info - and indeed media - from Divine Retribution should be revealed at the approaching E3 show as we exclusively revealed last month. There's no release date for Divine Retribution yet, but rampant internet rumours suggest an arrival early next year. Start sharpening your blades.