Xbox 360 gets music video deal

Natasha Bedingfield is on your Xbox 360 - free music video downloads come to Xbox Live

Those hungry for a bit of HD video no longer have to make do with just the movie and game trailers available on Xbox Live, because music videos have now been added to the mix and are freely available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace - thanks to an agreement struck between Microsoft and Epic Records.

As part of the deal, randomly selected gamers will be able to battle it out against pop stars once a month. This month, the rather lovely Natasha Bedingfield will be facing up against a lucky few picked by Microsoft, and one can win an Xbox 360 and signed CD. Music videos for her pop hits "Unwritten" and "These Words" are also available for download.

Natasha Bedingfield's appearance on Live comes as part of a year-long deal with Epic Records, which will have pop stars hopping on Xbox Live and putting up their music videos once a month.

"Our goal has always been to make Xbox Live a cutting-edge entertainment experience," said Microsoft's Peter Moore. "This agreement with Epic Records offers our members exclusive artistic content directly from the source. With Artist of the Month we will be providing exactly what music-loving gamers want: brand-new, exclusive music videos that can be downloaded quickly, easily and free of charge."

Microsoft plans to reveal more details on the pop star participants soon.