Halo graphic novel debuts

Bungie and Marvel team up to bring us comic cuts set in the Halo universe

Bungie and comic book crew Marvel are teaming up to create a brand new Halo graphic novel, based, we presume, on Master Chief's continuing adventures as it stars key characters from the Halo universe and uses the struggle against the Covenant and the Flood as a backdrop.

Called, imaginatively, Halo Graphic Novel, it's due out in July and is a 128-page, anthology affair featuring original stories set in the Halo universe. A main story and three additional stories will appear in the graphic novel, each boasting involvement of big names in the comic book world, including Moebius, Phil Hale, Ed Lee, Tsutomo Nihei, Jay Faerber, Andrew Robinson, Lee Hammock and renowned 2000AD artist Simon Bisley.

Along with the stories, Halo Graphic Novel will also feature a number of pages dedicated to Halo-inspired artwork pencilled by Bungie's own art team and major comic book artists.

Halo Graphic Novel is the first in a number of comic book projects planned by Bungie and Marvel.