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Battlefield 2142 confirmed via teaser trailer

EA and Digital Illusions series moving to futuristic warfare, movie providing first glimpse of action in the pipeline

A teaser trailer for Battlefield 2142 has materialised on the internet, confirming recent speculation that this was to be the next title in EA's and Digital Illusions' hit series.

EA has yet to officially announce the sequel, but with the cat now out the bag it surely won't be long before we hear word on it from the publisher. According to the trailer (which you can view top-right), the 22nd century has seen ice spreading from one of the polar caps to cover a good portion of planet Earth's surface, leaving nations battling for control of the habitable land that remains. A brief glimpse of gameplay is given, revealing infantry combat, nifty infantry cloaking, Mechs, hover gunships and more, the action taking place in a city environment.

Additionally, the trailer gives an autumn 2006 release date for Battlefield 2142 and, although platforms aren't mentioned, a PC version is a definite with PS3 and Xbox 360 versions extremely likely.

We'll bring you more on Battlefield 2142 when we get it.