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Hordes of Dead Rising screens arrive

Checkout these new screenshots of Capcom's other undead action game - they've got lots of zombies in them

Much like zombies, these Xbox 360 screenshots stumbled in to our office, shuffling together in a collective stupor, before we blasted their stupid heads off with the CVG boom-stick, and then stuck them online for your viewing pleasure.

Actually, the means in which these new Dead Rising screens reached us is a far less exciting story than the one above. The game however is very enthralling to look at, so plonk your eyes on our batch of new screenshots and dream of the many creative ways in which you'd like to dispatch Dead Rising's legion of undead idiots.

The game waddles in to the US shops in May, with a European release soon after. We're off to plant traffic cones on top of random office staff - wish us luck.