Call of Duty 2 gets 360 patch treatment

If you're still drudging through the trenches of the excellent 360 shooter, then prepare to be patched!

Everyone's got a soft spot for WWII-themed shooters, but there's undeniably only one shooter ruling the Xbox 360 roost, and it's Infinity Ward's stellar Call of Duty 2.

So news of a new Xbox 360 patch release will have Nazi-shooter fans spinning in their office chairs (or whatever you're sitting on when you read this) in excitement. Log onto Xbox Live this very moment and latest Call of Duty patch will be lovingly deployed onto your Xbox 360, via the magic of the internet.

The patch offers more in the way of enhancements than major additions, but avid players will be pleased to hear that multiplayer performance has been improved by the update, hopefully curing those lag problems. Apart from that, there's a number of not-very-exciting changes like new multiplayer hosting options and the addition of post-game lobbies.

Meanwhile on the PC front, players are again promised the long awaited PunkBuster anti-cheat support is on the horizon. The next PC patch will apparently add two new multiplayer maps for mouse and keyboard enthusiasts; Rhine and the classic fan-favourite Harbor, from the original Call of Duty.

No target has been set for the PC patch, but Xbox 360 owners can get their patch on right now. Are you still here?