Scarface: The World is Yours

The Scarface world might well be yours, but the question is: do you really, really want it?

All Tony Montana's got in this game are his balls and his continual use of the F word. But you're going to need barrels of both if the world is indeed to become yours. Anyone who's seen the legendary movie that starred Al Pacino will know to expect straight talking, a head for business (and drug-taking), bags of dirty money and plenty of guns. And let's not forget the women. Throw in a bit of coke-induced paranoia and you have pint-sized ticking time-bomb Tony Montana, just waiting to blow up in someone's face. This is going to be nasty.

But before you get the women, you need to get the money. Once you get the money you get the power. And once you've got the power, you can get anything you want in this world. Scarface: The World is Yours tells the story of Cuban immigrant Montana's rise back to the top of the organised crime scene in and around Miami. The game's story is essentially the same as the movie's - in 1980s Miami, a determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drugs empire while slowly succumbing to pure greed.


But if you're expecting a straight walkthrough of the film, sit down and hold tight. You're going to be shocked, stunned and surprised to learn that events kick off right at the film's grisly finale...

It's been some time since Vivendi last talked to us about its Scarface game. Rumours appeared on the web speculating that it would be delayed, to be released on next-generation consoles only, but the Xbox 360 launch came and went and still nothing was mentioned on the fate of Montana. Then, right out of the blue, we were invited to spend a few days in the company of the game's development team in Vancouver, Canada just after Christmas.

During Scarface's six-month absence from the games schedules, as far as we could see not a lot had changed. We were half expecting some sort of revolutionary new gameplay feature to have been included since we last saw it, but the developers seem to have concentrated on making the overall visual presentation better. And, to be fair, it does. Though we're not sure it looks 'six months' better.

As the movie progresses to its inevitable conclusion, Montana gathers all the money and power in the Miami area, and it's no surprise that it goes to his head along with all the drugs. The movie closes with the ultimate showdown between Tony and his enemies in his multi-million dollar mansion. Tony's one-man army goes out in style - high as a kite and clutching his "leetle friend", squeezing the life out of the trigger.

In the game, though, you've got one chance to change the course of history, allowing Tony to escape death, flee his plush mansion, go into hiding and slowly start up his empire all over again. We know what that chance is, but in the interest of trying to write a spoiler-free preview, we're not going to tell you how you change the events of a cult classic. Before we continue, we'll give you a moment or two to let that all sink in - Montana survives the shoot-out and lives!


Obviously, the first question we had to ask the development team was how the hell they came to that decision. Producer Cam Weber was on hand to explain. "Well, we looked at the game and looked at the movie and thought about just recreating the movie from start to finish. But a lot of times when a game just copies a movie it lacks tension and that's something we didn't want to do with Scarface. We wanted to create a game that allowed people to build their own experience with the character of Tony Montana.

"It's a game about being Tony f***ing Montana! So we took the mansion shoot-out scene, which I think is the most powerful scene in the movie, and thought that would be a great place to start."

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