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DS held at Point Blank

Namco's classic light gun game heads to Nintendo DS - but will we get a revolver-shaped stylus?

Light-gun games have seen a large decline in the last generation of consoles; the Time Crisis and Virtua Cop games are but hazy memories in our nostalgia-clogged craniums.

Light-gun fans will be pleased to know that Namco has stepped up to the challenge of resurrecting the long-forgotten genre, and is bringing its classic Point Blank shooting series to Nintendo DS in the creatively titled Point Blank DS.

The game will feature 40 stages from all three previous Point Blank games, making it a compilation of sorts. As you'd expect, the touch screen is utilised for shooting in the handheld Point Blank, eliminating the need for embarrassing plastic light-guns on the bus. Those fearful of a steep drop in challenge from the new stylus interface will be pleased to know that the game has a selection of new difficulty settings.

Five game modes will feature in the dual-screened Point Blank, which along with the obligatory arcade, practice and versus modes, features a bizarre 'brain message' mode, which analyzes play style and provides feedback, along with a new 'game museum' mode which adds visual themes from other Namco games. We can't wait to shoot Pac Man.

No word on a release date yet, but you can be sure we'll keep you informed.