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Ford Street Racing

THIS ISN'T 'Street' in a 1Xtra kind of way, it's 'Street Racing' as in cars racing on streets. Okay, there's a 1987 Ford Sierra with all the fancy bits, but that's as far as it goes.

Clearly, all the motors in the game are Fords, which limits its appeal somewhat. Granted, there's the jowl-wobblingly fast, yet-to-be-released Shelby GT 500, but you'll need to be a die-hard Ford fan to work up any real sense of excitement regarding the roster of vehicles. Fiestas and Focuses are fine for a trip to Tescos, but they're hardly the things dreams are made of.

But the racing itself isn't bad, especially when you consider the game's 19.99 price tag. The pace is fast and solid, especially in the higher performance Fords (The US muscle cars, for example), and handling is noticeably varied from one ride to the next. One pleasant surprise in Ford Street Racing is its Team Racing feature. This puts you in control of a team of three cars, each of which can be given orders to be followed on 'auto-pilot', or controlled directly by your good self at any point in the race.


For example, by issuing one of them to either Switch, Block or Draft, you can force opposing cars out of the optimum spots. You could tell one car to hold up the chasing pack while using the other's slipstream to streak into the distance, or simply flit from car to car without giving any specific commands at all. Your computer-controlled cars are intelligent enough to do what you tell them, so you could just stay in direct control of one vehicle without the need to 'babysit' if you want. It adds a new dimension to the fairly average racing, and it's almost enough to make this worth shelling out for. Almost.

Although the low price and decent racing make this good value, it's uninspired stuff.
There are plenty of far more advanced racers you could pick up on Platinum or second hand for the same amount of dosh, and while it's one of the better budget titles around, the thrill of taking a team of cars to victory soon wanes.

The verdict

Team Racing stops this from being totally mediocre, but apart from that there's nothing here you haven't experienced previously.

PlayStation 2
Razorworks Studios
Racing / Driving