Enter The PSP Tekken Modes

New screens and details from Dark Resurrection's scaled-down slab of pugilism

Playing Tekken on the PSP is something that's always appealed. Can you imagine, sitting on a crowded commuter train, headphones ripped free, volume cranked up, as you bloody one man's face with another's boot? Just think of all those shocked looks fluttering your way. Lovely.

Keeping our excitement tinkering up in the 'warmer' category, Sony has just released a batch of new screens from the PSP-only Tekken: Dark Resurrection, plus details of all the game modes on offer (see below). In addition, it has also (re)confirmed that it will boast a line-up of more than 30 customisable characters, including newcomers Dragunov and Lili, plus the return of Armor King.


Well, without further ado, here are the modes as promised. The game is set to launch around summer time, so beautiful cranium-cracking action can wait 'til then.

Tekken Dojo: Fight your way to the top in a selection of different Dojos based on a private island owned by Mishima Zaibatsu.

Arcade Battle: Earn your purse of fight money as you defeat ghosts matching your current level. And each test you pass sees you elevated a rank in the fighting hierarchy.

Quick Battle: Choose from 1-on-1 battle or team battles against the CPU. Alternatively form a team of up to eight players in team battle mode for a knock-out tournament.

Network: Challenge friends, or enemies, to a duel via Ad Hoc Mode, exclusive to PSP.

Story Battle: Get under the skin of your character in the new story mode and uncover your history.

Time, Survival and Gold Rush: Beat your previous best score with a choice of three attack modes: Time Attack as you go against your opponent and the clock; Survival as your stamina is put to the test and your work to defeat as many opponents as possible and Gold Rush which allows you to earn fight money for damage dealt within the time limit.

Practice: All new practice mode includes tutorials, freestyle training and command training covering both attack and self-defence.