Phantastic new PSU screenshots

Our patience is nearly exhausted by the sight of these brand-new PSU screenshots

It's been a long time since we last donned our pointy-eared persona and stepped in to Phantasy Star's horribly addictive online world. But our social lives are set to be suspended again this year, as the arrival of Phantasy Star Universe heralds another bout of living life three inches away from a television screen, with only discarded pizza boxes to keep us company.

You see Phantasy Star Universe was supposed to be in our loving grasp by now, but the game has recently suffered a number of delays dragging it back for a release later this year. However these new screenshots are just about helping to pass the time, as we wait for the stellar online game, which is being finished up by the chaps at Sonic Team for both PS2 and PC.


Phantasy Star Universe is still apparently listed for release in the rather vague sounding 'summer 2006', but we're not sure how definite that is. In the meantime we're going to print out these screenshots and make a paper-hat out of them to help ease the wait.