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DS Lites up Japan

Nintendo shoves more redesigned DS handhelds out of its production pipe through April - Japan sighs with relief

While last Thursday saw Nintendo's president unveil the company's new Zelda DS title to the gathered masses at GDC, all the DS talk we heard was mainly from people desperate to get their hands on the sleek, newly designed Lite systems in the US. Partly because Nintendo had seen fit to stuff its GDC stand with the little buggers and partly because we insisted on whipping ours out and flashing it around smugly at every avaiable opportunities.

Although we've still heard nothing about a Western release for the system, there's good news for import fans (and the Japanese, we suppose) as Nintendo has revealed it's set to massively ramp up production of the DS Lite throughout April.

According to an announcement on the company's official site, Nintendo has already upped its predictions for shipped units across March with the original number rising from 450,000 to 550,000. Even better though, a massive 700,000 DS Lites are set to burst forth from Nintendo's production line over April.

Not only does this figure suggest some of the huge demand for the sell-out system will finally be satiated in Japan, it also seems that the company is finally gearing up production ready for the Lite's inevitable Western debut. Quite when we can expect the machine to arrive in Europe though, we still haven't a clue. Come on Nintendo - spit it out!