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Battlefield 2 fields new 360 screens

That's Xbox 360 screens, not 360 screens. 12 new shots from the frontline reveal more on the coming next-gen war

On April 14, next-gen warfare advances onto a new battlefield with the release of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on Xbox 360. We can't believe anyone hasn't at least glanced vaguely at this title by now, but just in case you've only recently emerged from under a rock, we'll provide a very brief recap: it's a multiplayer-focussed title of modern day warfare with infantry and vehicular combat.

You'll find more details by directing eyes left to our previous coverage of the game, but EA has released new screenshots from BF2 today, so while you tick off yet another 24 hours on your countdown-to-release wall chart, why not take a peep at them too.