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Silent Hill seeps back onto PS2

Special collectors box featuring all current-gen Silent Hill survival horror titles bound for release this April

As we carefully reinforce the seats of our pants in preparation for Christophe Gans' movie adaptation of Konami's Silent Hill survival horror series, the developer has announced that it's trumpeting the films arrival with a specially prepared slice of horror in the form of the Silent Hill Collection.

Featuring all three PS2 games in one quivering box - that's Silent Hill 2, 3 and the slightly suspect Silent Hill 4: The Room, fact fans - the Silent Hill Collection is scheduled to scream into stores this April. According to Konami's European Marketing and PR Director Martin Schneider, "With interest in the film certain to be huge, we felt it was right to remind fans of the gaming beginnings of the mysterious Silent Hill and to introduce the games to a new audience ready to enter at their own risk."