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Is Blood Money Hitman's first 360 contract?

Reports suggest Agent 47's latest is the first Hitman game to grace Microsoft's console. Plus: new Blood Money trailer

Agent 47's first foray into the world of next-gen assassination will be in Hitman: Blood Money on Microsoft's Xbox 360, IGN is reporting.

According to the website, the 360 version of the game will release this year, IGN actually saying it believes it will launch simultaneously alongside PC, Xbox and PS2 versions of Blood Money in May. It further claims that an "independent source close to the English publisher [Eidos]" has let slip that the next-gen version will feature identical content and plot to the other platform versions of the game but will benefit from an additional layer of visual gloss - improved graphics, special effects and lighting.

We put in a call to Eidos and queried a spokesperson on the existence of Hitman: Blood Money on Xbox 360, but all we received in reply was "No comment". If we hear anything more on this, we'll let you know.

Meanwhile, Eidos has released a new Hitman: Blood Money trailer (NOT showing Xbox 360 footage) which we've uploaded here for your viewing pleasure. The trailer carries the title 'Gaining Access To Your Target' and, according to the publisher, "shows some of the new moves that Agent 47 has at his disposal which allows him to reach locations that were thought to be unreachable. A good assassin always finds a way to gain access to his/her target no matter how well protected."