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Test Drive Unlimited: Aston Martin special!

James Bond drives one - why shouldn't you? Erm could be the lack of a license to kill, but Atari have the answer

It's a classic British marque, most closely associated with James Bond from the original appearance of the classic DB5 in Goldfinger, right the way up to ultra-modern style icon the Vanquish in Die Another Day.

Aston Martins - they're basically one saucy car and if you've ever wondered what it might be like to take one for a spin, we hope you've either got a) so much spare cash, money is no longer an issue or, alternatively, (and we have to say more likely) b) a spare fifty notes to invest in Atari's Massively Open Online 360 and PC racer, Test Drive Unlimited.


TDU certainly provides the more economical option for cash conscious budding speedsters and with a chance to race some of the classic Aston Martin models like the DB4 GT Zagato or DB9 Volantes, or more recent models like the V8 Vantage or the 200mph Vanquish S, this is sadly, probably going to be your best chance of getting behind an Aston Martin's wheel.

We've uploaded a fine selection of TDU's latest Aston Martin shots for you to enjoy and leave you content to picture yourself careering around Hawaii's roads behind the wheel of one of these sleek-looking beasts. Your chance to burn up the tarmac comes this summer, when the game releases on both formats.