GT4 Online revs at E3

US magazines suggest the online incarnation of the uber racer will finally be playable at this year's E3

Hm, pretty much says its all in the headline this one so this may be quite a short story, but latest reports emanating from PlayStation Magazine in the US suggest that Gran Turismo 4 Online will finally be revving its engines for a fully playable version at E3 next month.

We don't have the full details yet, but you might remember that the much demanded online mode was originally dropped from GT4 fairly late in development in 2004, with the promised Online expansion originally due to hit last year.

Well it seems Kazunori Yamauchi's online magnum opus will finally make it onto the streets this year, with first details on the game revealed at next month's show. We guess GT4 Online will remain racing on the PS2 grid, but given the delay, one intriguing possibility is that it will provide the prototype for Gran Turismo 5 the next-gen PS3 version of the racing series.

Little has been heard of GT5, other than Kazunori is already working on it and he wants to place an emphasis on the human element of racing, but GT5 will surely be one of the early big hitters for driving Sony's planned PlayStation Network Platform, after the PS3 debuts this November.

Still Sony petrolheads will no doubt lap up the news on GT4 Online and as ever, we'll be on hand to provide full and gory details from the show floor.