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Hitman fires first shots at 360

Eidos's assassin finally confirmed for new 360 outing - see the first shot salvo erupt inside

Eidos' Agent 47 has long been targeting Microsoft's Xbox 360, a fact that we've known for quite some while. But confirmation has finally leaked out this morning that the follicley-challenged death dealer is ready to do the dirty on Microsoft's next-gen console, with Eidos itself both confirming the assignment and offering three first glimpses of Agent 47 in action on his new home.

Mighty fine he's looking too if these first screens are anything to go by, as they show a much more detailed, intricate and, let's face it, sophisticated world for Agent 47 to ply his deadly trade in.


Even better, Blood Money, the IO Interactive-developed game, will be ready to fall in alongside current gen and PC versions this very spring, and executive producer Neil Donnell had this to say on the development: "We are thrilled to be able to deliver Hitman: Blood Money on Xbox 360. The development team at IO have engineered and developed the game to harness and exploit the latest in graphics and game technology so Xbox 360 is the ideal platform to demonstrate this work in HD. Gamers will be in for a real treat when they get their hands on this game and are able to fulfill their wildest Hitman fantasies."