Lara finds ancient artefact AKA GameCube

Tomb Raider: Legend set to bum rush Nintendo's current-gen console this Autumn, according to Eidos

Yesterday, while we were walking home, we were beseiged by a flying troop of well-groomed if periodically misplaced vampires. To cut a long story short, it all ended in a big mess of explosions and an old man bursting into the house with a truck. At this point, we realised we'd actually confused real-life with eighties classic The Lost Boys, but it did make us yearn for a life of misadventure - just like Lara Croft's in fact.

Hooray for tenuous introductions! Anyway, it seems that in her bid to dominate the console world once more, the ample archaeologist is cracking her whip over Nintendo's dithering GameCube.

According to GameSpot, an Eidos rep has confirmed that Tomb Raider: Legend - Lara's actually-looking-more-than-a-bit-good thrust toward global reacceptance - is currently being prepped and honed like a Pop Idol whore, ready for release this Autumn.

Currently, versions for PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC are set for frivolities from April 7, with a PSP iteration to follow. A GameCube release would mark Lara's first bounce onto a Nintendo home console - and is not all together unsurprising news given that such a game would also be fully compatible with the company's upcoming Revolution.

There's an Eidos rep wandering around the building as we speak so, as soon as we track him down, we'll pester him for full confirmation. That's how much we love you, you adorable arses.