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Capcom's Dead Rising in September

Zombies, outrageous gore, sick humour and yup more zombies - Dead Rising confirmed for Europe this autumn!

Ever since we first clapped eyes on Capcom's Dead Rising, we've been shambling after it like a zombie desperate to sink teeth into the succulent neck of a young virgin. It's just the promise of undead masses, outrageous gore and black humour wrapped up in a shopping mall setting - all very much reminiscent of George A. Romero's classic Dawn of the Dead movie - that's sent shivers of sick ecstasy down our spines. Basically, we've been itching to see the Xbox 360 game explode out from Capcom's innards.

It's understandable then that a sense of general giddiness pervades the office air today, following the news that the game's had a September 2006 release stapled to its forehead. Cheers for that confirmation, Capcom Europe! If we were a barbershop quartet, we'd be breaking out into spontaneous a cappella right this minute.

For those of you who want to know more, check out our recent preview of the game but in summary, Dead Rising follows the story of freelance photo journalist Frank West who, following a tip-off on a major scoop, heads to a small suburban town only to discover it's been overrun by zombies.

West eventually winds up in a shopping mall in an effort to seek sanctuary but, alas, the zombies have beaten him to it and he has to fight through the groaning masses in a bid to uncover the truth behind the mysterious zombie outbreak - all before a helicopter ride out of the hell hole arrives in seventy-two hours time.