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Silent Hill fog trails across UK

Movie of the survival horror series set to seep over UK from April 21 - and we're really, really hoping it's going to be good

We've blathered on about the Silent Hill movie for ages now - mainly because it's looking like it might be the first genuinely good videogame to movie adaptation Hollywood's managed to shove out of its glistening money hole.

With Konami keeping its thumbs firmly in the production pie and both director Christophe Gans and script writer Roger Avary seemingly intent on doing the revered franchise justice, we've been following the movie's progress with a strange mix of apprehension and glee. Now though, all is about to be revealed, with Silent Hill due to hit cinemas across the UK from April 21.

In celebration, Pathe has released the film's official UK trailer - essentially the same as the one doing the rounds on the 'net, with a tad more visual pizzazz slung into the mix. We'll be popping along to the special press screening of the movie next week, so expect full impressions shortly.