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New Okami screens stun

Not clapped eyes on Clover's gorgeous PS2 adventure yet? Then click this story and prepare for a treat

Okami was one of most impressive PS2 games of last year's E3 show. Not only does it have gorgeous watercolour-styled visuals that we'd love to print off and stick on our desks, but going by our E3 play impressions it's a very unique adventure game as well.

Another reason to be excited about this PS2 opus - apart from the fact it's pant-wettingly gorgeous - is that it's being worked on by the acclaimed developer behind the Viewtiful Joe games, Clover. If the talented chaps at Clover can push out stylised visuals like this with a PS2, we simply cant wait to see what they come up with on next-gen consoles.

Okami is currently down for a September 2006 release in Europe. Enjoy these new screenshots. We did.