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Ubisoft's Red Steel on Revolution stuns!

Red Steel amazes in first ever Nintendo Revolution screenshots - tantalising details inside

Our beloved world of videogaming was treated to a reveal of immense proportions over the weekend in the shape of Ubisoft Revolution game, Red Steel.

Initial details on Red Steel have appeared in magazine Game Informer, along with first impressive screenshots from the title. Images on display in the mag are actually the first screenshots of a Revolution game to reach the public eye, and we must say that those worried that Nintendo's console might lack the oomph to challenge Xbox 360 and PS3 in the graphical arena should fear not - Red Steel is looking pant-wettingly gorgeous.

According to reports, Red Steel is a Revolution launch game, with Ubisoft working closely with Nintendo's own engineers on the shooter. At first glance, the game is your traditional FPS, but when the wand-waving Revolution controller is thrown into the mix the game becomes infinitely more interesting.

Moving the Revolution controller around will naturally move your hand and weapon around in the game. Tilt the controller and the virtual gun will follow suit, pull the controller back and you'll reload. A slight camera delay prevents nasty motion sickness, and at the same time allows you to hold your gun like a John Woo gangster.

Boasting a martial arts setting, Red Steel tasks you with becoming a deadly accurate marksman. Starting off with 'spray n pray' machine guns you'll eventually increase your skills and graduate to a simple but precise pistol. Respect between gangs plays a big part in the game; the Revolution controller is used to bow to kung-fu masters, and similarly answer 'yes' or 'no' with a snap of the wrist.

It's not all guns and rifles though. Ubisoft has shoved in perhaps the most obvious utilisation for Revolution's controller so far - a big katana sword. Simply waving the controller like a mentalist will not wield the best results, though. Combos can be achieved by tracing patterns in the air, such as a big 'X' for example. We can't wait to see this utilised in Red Steel's confirmed multiplayer modes.

Ubisoft had nothing to say about Red Steel at this time when contacted earlier, but did suggest that we'll receive something via official channels later in the week. Plus, we're like really, really excited - even more than we were before - about E3, where we'll no-doubt get to try out Red Steel for ourselves.

In the meantime, cast your eyes on Red Steel here.