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Medal of Honor: Airborne

Parachuting in to deliver death from above, EA's latest MOH title casts you as the air cavalry!

The fallout of the last generation's multi-format releases is finally waning as developers use the power of Xbox 360 to give its owners something special. So when the latest news reached us about Medal of Honor: Airborne, we had good reason to be excited.

You begin in the tight confines of a plane's cargo hold; while insertion into each mission will be by airdrop. You're in complete control of your jump, so when you start, your mission will be decided by your skill at landing - and the prevailing winds, of course. The idea is to add an extra layer of tactics on top of the tried-and-tested MOH gameplay. The entire battlefield will stretch out below you, enabling quickwitted players to map out the mission ahead of them. The chances of being hit by an enemy bombardment, landing in the middle of an enemy machine gun nest or even failing to open your chute in time adds up to an exhilarating experience. But we do have a few worries...


If landing is as open-ended as promised, then it could unbalance the difficulty and structure of the gameplay. But if it's just an on-the-rails scenic tour, then it could end up a limited showcase of the graphics and little else. We hope that this isn't indicative of the rest of the game. With COD2 setting the standard of WWII first-person shooters, MOH:A has a lot to live up to.

By focusing on this new dynamic, we hope EA doesn't ignore the changes it needs to make to the core of a franchise now seven years old. Anything less than a complete overhaul on the FPS front simply won't do.