Crytek's CEO Cevat Yerli and lead game designer Bernd Diemar on the PC FPS phenomenon

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One thing we do have is an Icicle Gun, which is based on the alien technology. Essentially it takes water and humidity from the air and freezes it and shoots it out as ice particles, which means you're never short of ammunition. The other one I will talk about is the freezing gun, which you can pick up off the aliens. It's really fun, you can freeze someone and then shatter them. You can give those aliens some real payback after they've used it against you, but that's as much as we're going to reveal for now.

Will it be playable at E3 and do you have any firm release date yet?

Cevat Yerli: It will definitely be playable at E3 and we're shooting for winter 2006 right now. We don't have to wait until Vista ships either.

Bernd Diemer Everything you've seen has been running on DX9 and normal hardware you can get in the shops right now. It's all normal spec and doesn't even use a dual processor or anything like that, we don't have any special graphical hardware inside these boxes. However, with DX10 and a dual core CPU, you're going to see something very special indeed. When we compare Far Cry to Crysis we're talking about two to three levels better in terms of generations, but if you compare DX 9 to DX10 it's at least a generation better, so there's a tangible difference, visually as well as from the intensity.

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