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Alone in the Dark puts willies up PC

Atari announces next-gen version of the classic survival horror heading to PC alongside Xbox 360

Sometime around X05 last year, Atari revealed that Alone in the Dark, the game that kickstarted the whole survival horror genre was set to make its next-gen debut on Xbox 360. Now, the company has divulged that PC gamers will be getting a taste of next-gen-style nastiness this Autumn.

Developed by Eden Games, the release of the new Alone in the Dark title will mark fourteen years since the original title terrified PC owners way back in 1992.

"Alone in the Dark is returning to the format that launched survival gaming - the PC - and after nearly a decade and a half of ever-accelerating technological progress, we anticipate that the title will again take the lead on next-generation consoles with the Xbox 360 and PC," enthused Steve Tucker, Director of Marketing at Atari.

With E3 bearing down on us like an especially horny hippo, you can be sure we'll hear more on Atari's scare-em-up very soon.