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Shure E4g Earphones: Gaming Edition

Some of the sauciest - and priciest, earphones around!

So, there you are, sat in your massively uncomfortable airplane seat, desperately trying to settle down for a nice quiet game of Lumines on your PSP and what happens? Little Sproggy, the six month old fog horn, thoughtfully bundled aboard by his clearly stone-deaf parents, lets rip with a wail which could shatter windows and drive sailors back out to sea. Or, of course, there's Old Tom, the farting tramp, who's determined to ruin your DS game of Ouendan on the night bus home.

Have no fear though - obtrusive noise during those all-important gaming sessions is now a thing of the past, thanks to the folks at audio electronics company Shure. With the launch of its gaming edition E4g Sound Isolating Earphones over here, you'll never want to punch a wailing baby in the face again.


It's a simple idea, but effective nonetheless. Instead of utilising active noise cancellation technology, which tends to lead to overly bulky musical headwear - not to mention excessive battery expenditure - the E4g earphones feature snug bits of plastic which fit inside your ears, with the sound magically pumped inside. Basically, what you've got is a set of headphones which prevents anything from popping into your ears aside from whatever you've plugged the other end in to.

Firstly, and most importantly, they do precisely what it says on the box - which is good in a way, but also slightly disorientating. It's a little unnerving walking down the street and being able to hear bugger all except your iPod (the E4g earphones are equally at home stuck inside your MP3 player, not just your handheld) - crossing the road can be a nightmare of paranoia-inducing silence, and we'd probably be slightly adverse to using them, say, riding a bike around London.

Tucked up safely in a seat somewhere - on that bus or plane, for example - the E4g earphones are ideal, particularly in noisy environments. Sound quality is excellent - nice and meaty, with a good thumping bass and full treble. Best of all, they offer slightly more rigid build quality than your average earphones - meaning you can sling them in your bag (or in the convenient case included in the box) without fear of knackering them up.

You want the bad news though? The E4g headphones retail at a frankly staggering 219.00 GBP. In other words, roughly the same price as the PSP you're plugging them into. Personally, we're hard pushed to recommend them to all but the most frivolous spenders, given the wealth of other things you could be spending your hard-earned dough on - games, for example. Far more reasonable however are Shure's E2g earphones which, while lower down the spec and audio reproduction scale, will set you back a much healthier 79.00 GBP.

Still if you're the kind of person who's got to have the best in the business - and clearly have such a mighty wallet, you can afford to randomly pass out fifty pound notes to passersby - then quite simply, they don't come much better than this.


Transducer type: High-Definition Driver
Sensitivity (at 1Khz): 111 dB SPL/mW
Impedance (at 1Khz): 29 ohms
Output Connector: Gold plated stereo, 3.5mm mini jack
Cable Length: 1.42 metres

The verdict

If you've got to have the best in the business then, quite simply, they don't come much better than this

  • Excellent sound quality
  • You'll never have to put up with noisy distractions again
  • It's a lot of money for headphones
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