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Capcom reveals its God Hand

Clover Studio's hand-to-hand combat game bloodying divine-powered knuckles on PS2

"Absolute God action". "Strike with God's hand! Tension and an exhilarating feeling of hand-to-hand combat!". "You too want to feel the sensation?" Erm, what the hell are we on about? Well, for your information, they're USP taglines attached to God Hand, Clover Studio's PS2 fighting game just announced by Capcom and bragging the involvement of Viewtiful Joe creator Atsushi Inaba (producer role) and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, who's in the director's chair.

In a nutshell, it's a single-player fighting game where the lead character, Jean, sports a right hand that's the God Hand - which naturally throbs with super-power punch - and dishes out fist-of-fury justice.

According to the game's background story, our hero Jean waved farewell to his right hand with his left hand during a confrontation with bandits - apparently famous for their incredible strength and armour-like bodies - hunting down God Hands. He awoke from his ordeal to discover that his right hand had been replaced with the legendary God Hand. Thus, sayeth Capcom, "Jean obtained the power of god, but at the same time became part of the fight for its enormous power."

Atsushi Inaba explains that this is a game "where you have to beat the bad guys only with your bare hands, there are no swords or guns. The main character, Jean, is not a conventional hero who fights to 'save the world', but fights the bad guys because he doesn't like them. He [sic] right hand is replaced by the mysterious God Hand which has super-human power, and the bad buys will literally be blown away when this power is launched.

"Although he has been dealt a bad hand by fate, Gene [sic] continues to fight on because he enjoys it. This is where this game differentiates itself from other, more serious fighting games. Obviously the player can enjoy pure action by beating up the bad guys but at the same time, comedy scenes are included as well where you can laugh while playing."

God Hand is out later in the year.